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There's nothing like the peace of mind that comes along with getting to hand those overwhelming details over to a professional and spend the month leading up to your wedding focusing on what's actually important: you and your spouse to be!

Ok, so you're good with technology and you know how to throw together something that resembles a timeline, sure. But do you really know how to create an accurate, wedding-specific timeline? Do you know which areas needed to be padded in order to ensure you don't run out of time for them? Do you know when your florist should be setting up versus when your tables should arrive versus when your photographer will show?

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Wedding day timelines are an art form in and of themselves, and they're best left for professional coordinators. It's not you—it's the timeline! Wedding ceremony mistakes are super common—and, unfortunately, they're often the most cringe-worthy. A month-of coordinator will be there for your ceremony rehearsal to run through things with your wedding party and ensure everyone knows where they need to be, when.

She or he will also be there on the day-of, directing guest traffic, corralling your wedding party, fixing the groom's crooked boutonniere, providing copies of your vows to your officiant, and making sure you're tucked away and kept out of guests' sites all the while. Even with family members or friends helping, there's really no way to ensure a smooth, seamless ceremony without a professional coordinator on-hand playing figurative Tetris with all of the many moving parts that go into a successful wedding ceremony.

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Related Topics wedding vendors. Thanks for sharing this article! You May Also Like. It's untraditional but you do what makes you happy. I'm having both of my parents walk me. My mom raised me just as much if not more than my dad, so I feel like she should be a part of that moment. Traditions are broken all the time now, no one will bat an eye.

You can have whoever you want walk you down! I'm planning on having my dad with me, as well as my brother to also help my dad since he is wheelchair bound since they were the two first meaningful men in my life.