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The crew pride themselves in delivering incredible high-end service, from the food and drink to the general ambience — it was all top notch and a wonderful way to see more of the island. Genuinely one of the most relaxing spots in Barbados, Anthony Hunte has created a gorgeous garden up in the lush hills in the middle of the island. Tall palms sit next to colourful orchids while exotic birds fly through the air.

As you explore, you stumble across secret seating areas — places perfect to enjoy the views, the sounds and the scents of nature. On a bright sunny day, the water is an insanely bright shade of turquoise that looks photoshopped! We stayed at Port Ferdinand in the north west of Barbados. They have a range of 1, 2 and 3-bed apartments, each with stunning terraces, lounges and full kitchens. Big thanks to Visit Barbados for inviting us to experience the island through all five senses!

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We travelled to Barbados with British Airways. British Airways flies from Gatwick to Barbados daily during the summer and 12 times a week during the winter. As always, all opinions are my own. Enjoyed this post?

East Coast Adventures Barbados

Why not pin it? Great travel guide on Barbados with useful information and gorgeous photos. Thanks for your help with my trip planning! Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Hotel Reviews. Where to stay in Positano, Italy — Positano…. Adventure Barbados Caribbean holiday Restaurants Travel. Crane Beach, Barbados. Diving in Barbados Photo: Macca Sherifi. Price Disclaimer. Paddle boarding in Barbados. Gospel Breakfast at The Crane, Barbados.

The Crane, Barbados. You may also like. Krishna 28th November - am Great travel guide on Barbados with useful information and gorgeous photos. The East Coast is more rugged terrain of beaches separated by rocks and crags with amazing vistas and constant trade winds and trade swell.

But even here, local life thrives. Sprawling five-star resorts are flanked by simple wooden homes of bright colors with a goat in the yard. Instead of fenced off all-inclusive resorts, visitors and locals enjoy it together. This is perhaps something that makes Barbados so special. Even locals with highly successful businesses have a hard time buying a home near where they work. Most everything is imported and heavily taxed. On the flipside, all the roads are paved, you can drink the water and the toilets all flush. Public buses run all over the country and there are smaller vans running on a less formal schedule as well as taxis.

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Renting a vehicle and buying gas are pricey, but generally worth it. Accommodations run a wide range from luxury villas to basic vacation rentals that can be secured through Airbnb or VRBO. The South Coast has the most options. Half the fun of this island is roaming around and eating.

The Bajan culinary experience ranges from world-class dining to a ton of delicious street-food offerings. They love chicken, and fresh fish is everywhere, most notably flying fish: relatively small fish that are delicately filleted and fried everywhere you look. Restaurants that serve anything other than traditional Bajan food are expensive, as the consumer absorbs the heavy value-added tax.

The surf has always been a draw, although surfers only make up a small part of locals and visitors. The smallish scene can be refreshing, compared to Puerto Rico or Hawaii. The wind on the East Coast is onshore the majority of the time outside of August-October but a few select reefs still set up the swell despite the wind. When that trade swell gets bigger, it wraps into the South Coast with everything from high-performance points to perfect coves for beginners.