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You've developed herd-instinct Darling, it's divine to see you again but I could slay you for spoiling yourself.

As she listened to the ungenerous greeting, Ann felt the surge of her old inferiority complex; but as she continued to look at Isabella she realised that life was repaying its debt. For the first time she faced Isabella on equal terms. But I never went native, although I have lived in some very rough places.

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And now she wants to meet his wife. Could it be arranged? I've seen what she has done to John. Isabella's cheeks suddenly flamed under her rouge and her eyes were hostile as she glared at the girl. I forgot to tell you that Isabella is Mrs.

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John Cumberland. The news tested Ann's acquired poise severely and made her feel very young and inexperienced. Her lips trembled as she realised fully the shoddy shrines before which she had worshipped. It was difficult to realise that two hours before she was telling the Manchester man about the glory that was Ganges. Ann noticed that she could not demonstrate her unconcern without the aid of smoke. After blowing a ring, she asked Ann a languid question. Although the shock of meeting Isabella had hurt her more than the change in John, Ann suddenly faced up to reality.

She admitted that the brilliant company of the Seven Sullied Souls existed only in her imagination. They were ordinary clever students whom she had sprinkled with star-dust, glorifying charm to beauty and talent to genius. They've not changed. They've always been a rotten lot. I've been a sucker. But I've lost nothing, for I never had it. It was a tribute to Stephen's judgment that he had seen always through their pose of glib phrases—garnished with cheap malicious wit and lacking ideas or human kindness. Stephen is the one that matters. I came to meet him. Pybus or Professor Short," he said.

They are so professional they would shy at writing 'Zoo-man' in their engagement-book That is how they visualise me—with a fork and straw—perpetually bedding-down beasts But I feel sure Stephen will show up. Although she knew her rising colour would betray her secret to Richard, Ann asked him an eager question.

F, uniform, of course. They call him 'Lucky Pardon. He talked about you. Asked questions and so on. Of course, I couldn't answer them then. But he is hoping to meet you here to-night. Ann was too dazed with happiness to notice that Isabella was looking at Richard through narrowed lids while her lips formed a soundless word—"Liar. But—as things are—I have to ask you to go.

We are expecting my uncle's death at any minute. I should be with him now. THE blow was so unexpected that Ann was staggered. She had been prepared for difficulties and even for danger, but not for a bland announcement—"Not at home.

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I've waited for this reunion for so many years. I've been cut off from every one—and it means everything to me. I—I can't explain. Please, please. I won't make a sound. No one will know I'm here. At a time like this one can't be too careful. Richard's the heir—and his relatives are in the house.

I can't risk people saying I was entertaining a pretty lady in the tower-room, while my poor old uncle was passing out alone. The request sounded reasonable but Ann was suspicious.